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John came to Shreveport in January of 1977 when he was transferred to Barksdale AFB.

He’s been active in Shreveport politics since deciding to make Shreveport his home.

John practiced law for 40 years and he now monitors local politics. He regularly attends Shreveport City Council and Caddo Parish Commission meetings.

John is published weekly in The Inquisitor, bi-monthly in The Forum News, and frequently in the Shreveport Times.

He enjoys addressing civic groups on local government issues and elections.


Steven Jackson Endorsed By George Soros Funded Political Party

On Wednesday mayoral candidate Steven Jackson announced his endorsement by the Working Families Party (WFP).

George Soros and his Open Society Foundation have financed the WFP.

The WFP is an outgrowth of the socialist New Party. The goal of this group is to push the Democratic party to the left.

The WFP of New York was first organized in 1998 by a coalition of labor unions, community organizations, and variety of advocacy groups.

The party’s website says is it “a growing progressive political organization that fights for an economy that works for all of us , and a democracy in which every voice matters.”

The announcement of the endorsement by w WFP spokesperson listed several reasons that are subject to considerable question.

Joe Dinkin is quoted in the press release as follows:

“As a Commissioner , Steven has stood up for good jobs and higher wages, immigrants’ rights and criminal justice reform.”

Jackson’s record as a commissioner is totally void of any of these stances. None of his Commission votes have dealt with these issues.

According to the release WFP candidates have won primaries in Chicago,, Milwaukee, Maryland, Connecticut, New York, West Virginia, Indiana, Nebraska, and Wisconsin.

Jackson touts his votes on the Commission dealing with the housing trust fund, the commissioner retirement , and the removal of the Confederate monument.

Needless to say Jackson’s press release did not deal with his 2 citations for driving a motor vehicle with an expired inspection sticker and lack of insurance.

The release did not mention his unethical vote to fund moneys to benefit his employer.

And neither did it deal with his ability to campaign during working hours for a federally funded employer.

Many question if Shreveport voters will be impressed by the endorsement of a basically unknown minor political party. Especially a party funded by George Soros.

There is an old saying that desperate political candidates do desperate things.

This could be said of Jackson’s announcement, which of all days was made on Halloween.

Whether if will be “treat” or a “trick” for Jackson’s campaign is a question to be decided.

(This article was published in The Inquisitor on Friday, November 2, 2018)

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