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John came to Shreveport in January of 1977 when he was transferred to Barksdale AFB.

He’s been active in Shreveport politics since deciding to make Shreveport his home.

John practiced law for 40 years and he now monitors local politics. He regularly attends Shreveport City Council and Caddo Parish Commission meetings.

John is published weekly in The Inquisitor, bi-monthly in The Forum News, and frequently in the Shreveport Times.

He enjoys addressing civic groups on local government issues and elections.



Ben Raymond was named Shreveport Police Chief by Mayor Ollie Tyler on November 13.. Actually substitute police chief.

He is having a press conference to talk bout crime tomorrow—Thursday at 11 am

Guess what else newsworthy is tomorrow?

You got it---the KTAL "mayoral conversation" between Tyler and Adrian Perkins.

Oh yea—and the Saints Cowboys game.

Raymond’s press conference is a scant 7 hours before the only televised one on one between the 2 mayoral finalist.

So why call it on Thursday?

Raymond spoke to a large enthusiastic crowd at the Southern Hills Business Association yesterday—Tuesday.

He also answered questions about crime from council member Willie Bradford at the Shreveport city council meeting yesterday.

A perfect time to mention the would have more info on Thursday.

But nary a word about the press conference.

The timing of Raymond’s first press conference after being named chief stinks of politics.

And it could tarnish his high rating from practically everyone.

Raymond and his top staff should be aware that Tyler is running for her political life. And she is pulling out all the stops to be re-elected.

He should also know that if Perkins wins, he could be replaced on day one.

Raymond should make a concerted effort to take mayoral politics out of his decision making.

Many critics have said too many SPD decisions have been made on the basis of politics versus good policing.

Certainly Raymond knew he was going to have this press conference yesterday—Tuesday,

Why the big secret at the council meeting?

Why not have it today?

It’s a bad start for Raymond as substitute SPD chief. And its unfortunate for him, the SPD and the citizens of Shreveport.

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